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  November 1999
 5 Milion copies sold
The sales of Zard's two best albums finally surpassed the 5 milion copies. The first best album, released in May, already sold 3 milion times within a few months. Their second best album, released in September, seems to do the same thing ^_^
With these two albums and the album Eien, released earlier this year, Zard is definetely up for the best selling artist in 1999, congrats!

October 1999
 Upcoming Single, Release of 30th Single
Zard's new song, Kono Namida Hoshini Nare, is used as the theme song of Kasouken no Onna, a Japanese serie. This song will also be used as their 31st single, releasing in December., another new song, is used for a Japanese program. This song is set as the c/w song of their 31st single.

Zard released their 30th single, Itai Kurai Kimiga Afurete Iruyo. Click on the link for the review.

September 1999
 New Album
Zard released their second best album, ZARD BEST ~ Request Memorial ~. Click on the link for the review. It is already their 3rd album this year. It seems that Zard want to make up things for not releasing an album in 1998.

August 1999
 Zard Live concert
On the 31st of August Zard held their first live concert! It was held on a cruise ship and just 600 Zard fans could go see it. The invitation was included in their first best album. They picked up 600 lucky Zard fans from the many entries. I hope this concert isn't an once-only experiment. Click here to see a picture of the cruise ship. It is taken from the advertisement that was included in the best album.

July 1999
 My first Zard album
Bought my very first Zard album, it's their first best album: ZARD BEST The Single Collection. Go to the Album Review section for more information about that album.