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  31 August 2000
 A year ago...
Yes, it's been exactly one year ago when Zard had their first Live concert on board that Pacific Venus; So I thought it would be appropriate to review the Cruising & Live album on this special day. Click here for the review.

26 August 2000
Get U're Dream promotional video
 Get U're Dream promotional video and secret track
Z-video has done it again. This time they have the full promotional video of Get U're dream for us to download. Did I mention that the video's size is huge? It is about 18Mb(!), but they also uploaded a smaller version of about 8 MB. Isn't that sweet ^_^ Click here to go to their site or click on the picture to the right.
 Zard's official website has given away more information about their upcoming new single Get U're Dream. The song, composed by Aika Ohno (25th single c/w), has three different versions and the arrangement is as follows:

  • version 1: Takeshi Hayama (Makenaide, My Friend, Don't You See! ...)
  • version 2: Akihito Tokunaga (Kazega tohrinukeru machie, Eien ...)
  • version 3: Yoko B. Stone
    Furthermore you can read that there will be a secret track included, just like their previous single. With this secret track, a Perry Geyer Short Mix, the maxi single will consist of a total of 5 songs, all of them Get U're dreams. Well, if you still don't get the message: get u're dream, get this single ^_^
     By the way, the multimedia section is updated, Dandan... and Don't you See! should be available for download again.

    23 August 2000
     Voting booth, Idrive
    Added a voting booth section where everyone can vote for his/her favorite song, have a look. There are also other booths listed where you can vote for Zard/Izumi Sakai as your favorite Jpop group/artist.
     Idrive seems to have disabled guest access for the time being. This means that the realvideo files and some mpeg files in the multimedia section aren't available for download anymore. I will try to upload them somewhere else, keep you updated on this.

    17 August 2000
     Get U're Dream track list
    Get U're Dream Zard's official website has posted the new single's cover* along with the complete track list. There are four songs on the list and all of them are Get U're Dream. The track list looks like this:
    Get U're Dream
    Get U're Dream (version 2)
    Get U're Dream (version 3)
    Get U're Dream (version original karaoke)

    * I'm not 100% sure about this though, because the picture used on the cover isn't a new one.

    10 August 2000
     Get U're Dream complete version, Mado no Soto... sample, New poll
    I was surfing through some Japanese Zard pages and discovered some cool stuff.
    ZARD Fan Room has uploaded an almost complete version of Get U're Dream and the quality is quite good (mp3, 56kbps). You can go to their page to find the song (and lyrics) or click here to download the song immediately.
     All ZARD has uploaded a sample of Mado no Soto wa Monochrome for a while; I haven't had the chance to listen to it until now, what a lucky day ^_^ In case you don't remember this song, it was first on air in January this year featuring as a theme song for a Japanese serie. Same as above, go to their page or click here to download (realaudio, 25sec).

    8 August 2000
     Get U're Dream sample, press conference video, 3rd poetry selection
    Izumi Sakai's press conference video
    Just back in Holland and there are immediately some news to report. NHK has put up a website for Sydney 2000 and there you can also listen to a sample of Get U're Dream. Click here for the sample. Found this news at this great new Zard page: ZARD Union (Chinese). There you can read that Izumi Sakai didn't attend that NHK's press conference but instead there was a video shown with Izumi Sakai talking about the Olympic theme song. For a quicktime movie of that video go to this site. (I just love that site ^_^)
     Also there is an announcement on Zard's official website concerning Izumi Sakai's third poetry selection. The booklet is entitled My Friend, will have a blue front cover and will be released somewhere in September. More details upon availability.

    5 August 2000
     Hong Kong report and new single
    I can highly recommend everyone who is missing any Zard album to visit Hong Kong. During my short stay in HK I managed to pick up all the albums and singles I was missing. I was especially happy with my Cruising & Live album, because I wasn't sure whether that album was still available before I went to HK. Expect some raving reviews within a few days when I'm back in Holland. I will also have more time to work on my page when I'm back. I am really starting to miss that, updating and adding things to this page. Some great stuff is coming so stay tuned.
     There is simply no better choice for the Olympic theme song. Zard has such a rich experience, just look at their singles. Almost every single has been used as a theme for commercials, tv series, tv programmes, anime series etc. But of course, the Olympic Games is a big event and this is a big opportunity for Zard. And I'm sure they won't disappoint us!