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  28 December 2000
 Album release date, Izumi Sakai interview and lyrics translation
Zard's Official website has quietly added the upcoming album's release date to their news section. The date is set to 15 February, a little 2 month away from now.
 Ryuichi of J-Pop Music Station has translated an interview with Izumi Sakai into English. The interview comes from the April issue of Music Freak Magazine and Izumi Sakai will talk about what has influenced her as a lyricist. Someone knows what Stanley Kubrick has to do with this? Definetely need to watch some of his movies. If that wasn't enough, Ryuichi also has done some lyrics translation: Fushigi~né... and Mezameta Asa wa.... We love you, Ryu ^_^

22 December 2000
 New ZARD Forum, new poll
The ZARD Forum has been down for a while, but now it is back online and stronger then ever ^_^ I have been working on it for the past few days to give it a nice look and with some cool features. You don't have to register to post in the forum, but then you will miss some nice features like: a photo accompanying your messages, your own signature and you can't climb up in the ranking system. Feel free to post around: ZARD Forum.
Almost forgot, thanks goes to Andy for testing the Forum out.

15 December 2000 Special Update!
 New album finally announced officially
I usually do not update the site twice a day, but today I have a very good reason.
Zard's long awaited new album will be released in February 2001! The release date coincides with Zard's tenth anniversary (from their début in Feb 1991), isn't a new album the greatest way to celebrate this historic event ^_^
Some tracks that will certainly be included in the upcoming album are also revealed: all the new single songs which didn't appear in any album (Get U're Dream, Promised You etc.) are in, the very popular NTT CM song Tokino Tsubasa is in and also the song Madono soto wa Monochrome, which hasn't been released as a single, is in.
The price of the new album is also known, 3,059 as usual. So you know how much money you have to save for this album. Well, there isn't much left to say, just visit Zard's official website to see the announcement yourself.

Promised You ad 15 December 2000
 Promised You ad, new videos
In case you haven't noticed yet, poetry selection Promised You is now really out, and Kenneth has a nice scan of the advertisement taken from J-Groove Magazine. Go to his site to see a bigger version of the scan or click on the picture.
 Added two new videos to the multimedia section. The videos are uploaded to Freedrive, so you will need a Freedrive account yourself in order to be able to download them. You will probably recognize one of the videos, Get U're Dream, because it has been uploaded before by Z-video in Quicktime format. The version you can find here is of mpeg format and has a better quality. Thanks goes to Kenneth, who helped me in finding this video.

9 December 2000
 New Zard links, Fan Site Review
While adding a couple of new links to Zard sites (not necessary new sites), I saw that there is an impressive number of sites devoted to Zard. So I thought it might be useful to pick some out and take a close look at it. That way you can find out what the different fan sites have to offer. Only two sites are reviewed so far, but more to come.

3 December 2000
 Year review, new pictures
Well, I intended to post this year review at my last update on 1 December, but due to some unexpected problems I wasn't able to. So here is the ZARD the BEST year review with some delay, it was really fun to do it.
 Also have uploaded some new Zard pictures to the gallery. All the pictures are of quite a good quality, especially when they are all taken through Photoshop. Check them out here.

1 December 2000
 New videos, no celebration
I'm having problems with my computer all day, so this update isn't as big as I wanted it to be. Only uploaded two new videos in the multimedia section, both are anime theme songs: Detective Conan and Slam Dunk. The other things I wanted to do will be saved for a next update, when I have my computer working again. Check for the poll too at the right, it has been updated.
Now, where have I left my Windows CD...