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  17 February 2000
 Cruising & Live album fake?
There are rumors around that the songs in the live album aren't actually sang live. I stress that these are just rumors and nobody knows this for sure. The suspicions arose because some parts of songs sound identically to the original version (especially the song Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo). Don't get it wrong though, Izumi Sakai did sing live during the concert, that's for sure. But during the recordings they could(!) have polished the songs a bit. Anyway, I don't think it is a big deal if the rumors are true. But I still tend to believe the songs are live, until the contrary is proven.

5 February 2000
 Izumi Sakai's birthday
I don't know whether it is just coincidence or not, but together with the release date of Yureru Omoi (see archive) we have the birthday of Izumi Sakai (6 February). Hereby my congratulations! I think the song Kanarya suits this special day very well ^_^
 I have been listening to the older Zard songs lately and especially the c/w songs. There are some good ones among them and I want to mention one song in particular which I like very much. It is the song Take me to your dream, the c/w song of the 13th single. It's a bit strange I haven't noticed this song earlier.