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  29 May 2000
 ZARD Forum
After some hard days work it is finally up and running. I'm talking about the Zard Forum. It really looks great and I hope everyone helps me making the forum fun and interesting. After all, we are all doing it for our beloved Zard.
The forum is located at:

18 May 2000
 Promised You
Here is a chance to listen to Zard's new song "Promised You". The webmaster of this page put up a sample of the song. You will hear people talking through the song, but at least you get to hear a bit of the song. Get the song quickly, because it is probably gone next week. Click here for the song.
 The real audio samples will be back up this weekend; maybe I will even dedicate a whole section to it, because I want to add much more songs than I had before.

10 May 2000
 Site news
The links to the real audio samples seem to be down at the moment. Hope to fix them very soon though.

5 May 2000
 Izumi Sakai's Poetry Selection part 2
The news at ZARD's official website have been update, but it's not about their upcoming new single. It's an announcement of the release of a second "Poetry Selection" by Izumi Sakai, a response to the huge success of the first one, Yureru Omoi (see archive). This time the title is named after their (this is a quote) forever representative song: Makenaide. It's stated to be released somewhere in June.
 Talking about their upcoming single, they really keep us in suspense. 5 Months have been passed since their last single. But don't worry, they have kept us waiting for a longer period in the past. The gap between their 18th and 19th single, for example, was 8 months!