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  In this section I have the opportunity to thank all the persons who have help me, in one way or another, to make this Zard page possible.

Many thanks go to...

Zard & Izumi Sakai, for their music, songs and lyrics. And of course, without Zard this site simply wouldn't exist.

The following webmasters for their support:
  • Cornea
  • Johnathan
  • Miranda
  • Ryuichi
  • About Zard ~ sun rise in my heart ~
    Every Little Zard Thing
    Zard Hold Me
    Ryuichi's J-Pop Music Station
    And many others who have put a link to this Zard page.

    The following good friends I met due to my Zard page:

  • Andy Cheung
  • Kenneth
  • Marcel Hemingway
  • Retsuya
    All of them are fanatic Zard fans ^_^

    And last but not least, all the persons who have visited my Zard page.