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Headline News
Amuro Namie Harrassed at Okinawa Summit
(11/30/2000 - Japan)
Yellow Monkeys' Last Go on the Road
(11/30/2000 - Japan)
NHK Kouhaku Utagassen Prestige in Question
(11/29/2000 - Japan)
LOL Means Lack of Love
(11/29/2000 - Japan)
Vivian and Sugizo a Pair
(11/29/2000 - Japan)
Domoto Koichi in Millennium Shock
(11/27/2000 - Japan)
Yoo Seung Joon Tries Out Japan
(11/27/2000 - Korea)
Takuya Announces Marriage to Tokyo Dome Fans
(11/26/2000 - Tokyo, Japan)
Park Ji Yoon's Sales Bash
(11/25/2000 - Korea)
Mylin's Disney Song
(11/25/2000 - Japan)

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NHK Kouhaku Utagassen Prestige in Question
(11/29/2000 - Japan) Burdened by the inability to bring in 1999's top star, Utada Hikaru, and the financial escapades of a Kouhaku co-host, the 49th Kouhaku Utagassen was a humbling year for NHK.

The 51st annual celebration will only be a harder test: GLAY, Luna Sea, Utada Hikaru, and Kuraki Mai have all turned down invitations from NHK to perform at this year's New Year's party. Don't expect B'z, CHAGE & ASKA, ZARD, Mr. Children or Southern All Stars anytime soon; they all share a strict no-Kouhaku policy.

Among some of the many other pop stars of the year who will not be present: Arashi, Dreams Come True, globe, Fukuyama Masaharu, hiro, Judy & Mary, Kinki Kids, Matsu Takako, Shena Ringo, Shingo Mama, Tagawa Sumi, T.M. Revolution, Yuzu, and ZARD.

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