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  When talking about Zard you will easily forget that the group consists of 5 members, because most of the time it is Izumi Sakai who appears in the foreground. She does the singing, writes their lyrics and appears on the album's covers. Listening to Zard you will inmediately notice her beautiful voice. She is at her best with fast, good-sounding songs which she can sing with great enthusiasm. And at the same time she can sing the slower, ballad-like songs using her gentle voice. Put that together with the fact that she writes all the songs for Zard herself, then you will understand that we have here to do with a very gifted person. But of course, the musical support of the other group members must not be forgotten. They are doing a tremendous job and play an important role in Zard's success.

Izumi Sakai
Artist name: Izumi Sakai
Real name: Sachiko Kamachi
Date of birth: 6 February 1969
Place of birth: Kurume (Japan)
Year of début: 1991

The other Zard members are:

  • Fumito Machida (Guitar)
  • Hiroyasu Hoshi (Bass)
  • Kimitaka Ikezawa (Keybord)
  • Michikara Kohsuke (Drum)