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Izumi Sakai
Izumi Sakai
Zard made their début back in 1991 with the release of the single Good-bye My Loneliness. The single did it quite well, but they remain rather unknown. This everything changed with their sixth single Makenaide. It became a big success and made them famous in the whole country. From then on, everything they touched, turned into gold and scoring one hit after another became their trade mark. Their singles easily reached the top spots of charts as well as their albums. This everything is achieved without doing much promotional work, so their songs must be of very good quality in order to get such impressive sales figures. Of course it helps that many of their songs are used as theme songs for tv-series or commercials, but this is perhaps another indicator for how popular they are.


1991 Début, with the single Good-bye My Loneliness
1992 Preparing for their first number one hit.
1993 Scoring their first number one hit, Makenaide.
Announcing that they won't appear in shows on television anymore.
1994 - 1997 Releasing numerous singles and an album each year.
1998 Heard my very first Zard song, Dont You See!
1999 Releasing their first "Best" albums, two of them.
Having their first live concert!
Me becoming a Zard fan ^_^
2000 Releasing the live concert album!