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You's Fountain Website: You's Fountain
Webmaster: You-Taka
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Founded: 15 January 1999
Contents: News, Reports, Wallpaper, Rare Items
A very well organized Japanese Fan site, even for non-Japanese speakers because of the English navigation system. The news is always up-to-date and the wallpaper section is really impressive, where you have over a hundred different choices. Also be sure to have a look at the webmaster's collector items.

Overall Rating: 9

ZARD Union Website: ZARD Union
Webmaster: Serathino Choi
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese
Founded: 1 July 2000
Contents: News, Info, Pictures, Wallpaper, Wezard scans
A Zard page run by a dedicated Zard fan, that's the perfect combination. The site has lots of great stuff (be sure to check the Wezard Magazine scans!) and all packed in a wonderful design. Because of the frequent updates, the "What's new" page will come very handy. If you know Chinese, this will be your site.

Overall Rating: 9