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ZARD the BEST voting booths

Monthly results will appear on the right.
  • What is your favorite song? (1 vote per day)
  • What is your favorite album? (1 vote per day)
  • Who is your favorite composer/arranger? (1 vote per day)
  • What was your first Zard song?
  • Which Zard song will cheer you up?

  • Voting booths hosted by others

    Bring ZARD to the top at the following booths:
  • A--Greatest JPOP Songs--A (5 votes per day)
  • A Place 2 Vote 4 Ur Fav "JPOP Queen" (5 votes per day)
  • Best JPOP Group (5 votes per day)
  • Best of the Best! (5 votes per day)
  • Chong Jun's Jpop Idols Of Wonders (4 votes per day)
  • Ichiban Jpop artist (crazy vote)
  • JpopMusicZone's Jpop Female Voting Booth (3 votes per day)
  • JpopMusicZone's Jpop Group Voting Booth (3 votes per day)
  • Most Popular Jpop Artiste (3 votes per day)
  • Super Star in Japan (4 votes per day)
  • Vote for your Fav Jpop group (crazy vote)
  • 0Fav Jpop Album (5 votes per day)

  • Favorite song
    December 2000

    1. Don't You See!
    2. Kimi ga Ita kara
    3. Kokoro wo Hiraite

    Favorite album
    December 2000

    2. Today is another Day
    3. Eien

    December 2000

    1. Seiichiroh Kuribayashi
    2. Takeshi Hayama
    3. Tetsuro Oda