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Mou Sagasanai
25 December 1991

Fushigi~né... listen | lyrics
Mou Sagasanai listen | lyrics
Sunao ni Ienakute listen | lyrics
Hitori ga Suki listen | lyrics
Forever listen | lyrics
Lonely Soldier Boy listen | lyrics
Itsukawa listen | lyrics
2nd album

With just two singles to back this album up, Zard still managed to come up with a reasonable album. Of course, seven songs are not much for an album, but there are some nice songs among them. The first two songs have been released as singles and they are both quite good. Especially Fushigi~né..., it is clearly the best song of the album. The album should have been named Fushigi~né... in my opinion ^_^
Forever is also a good song, but the true revelation of this album is definetely Lonely Soldier Boy. The song starts slowly, increases the speed half-way and "bursting" out in a chorus which reminds me of some of the best Zard songs. It surprises me that this song hasn't been released as a single or c/w song. Itsukawa, the last song of the album, is also a nice song. A slow song though, best suited to listen to before going to sleep ^_^