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Forever You
10 March 1995

Imasugu Ainikite listen | lyrics
Haihiru Nugisutete listen | lyrics
Forever You listen | lyrics
Mou Nigetari Sinaiwa Omoidekara listen | lyrics
Anata wo Kanjiteitai listen | lyrics
Kiraku ni Ikou listen | lyrics
I'm in Love listen | lyrics
Konnani Sobani Irunoni (album version) listen | lyrics
Just Believe In Love listen | lyrics
Hitomi Sorasanaide listen | lyrics
6th album

I will start with the first song of this album (what a surprise). Izumi Sakai uses one of her girlish voices here and it is so sweet. It is a pure joy to listen to this song. Forever You, chosen as one of the Request Memorial songs, is another sweet song. You will immediately like the song when hearing it for the first time. I don't think I need to waste much time on the single songs, they simply can't be missed in an album. Visit the single review section for more information about these songs.
This album has a lot of slow songs, both song 4 and 10 are of that type. Although they are not as good as the two songs mentioned above, they are still worth listening to. Of the new songs (non-single songs), I think I'm in Love is the most notable one. The intro of this song will give you a feeling of another slow song, but then it suddenly changes to a very recognizable Zard tune: fast music with a very enthusiastic Izumi Sakai on vocal ^_^