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17 February 1999

Eien listen | lyrics
My Baby Grand ~ Nukumoriga Hoshikute ~ listen | lyrics
Wake Up Make The Morning Last listen | lyrics
Brand New Love listen | lyrics
Unmeino Roulette Mawashite listen | lyrics
Tooi Hoshi wo Kazoete listen | lyrics
Atarashii Door ~ Fuyu no Himawari ~ listen | lyrics
Good Day listen | lyrics
I Feel Fine, Yeah listen | lyrics
Shoujyo no Koroni Motta Mitaini listen | lyrics
Iki Mo Dekinai listen | lyrics
Kaze ga Toori Nukeru Machie listen | lyrics
Photograph listen | lyrics
9th album

ZARD has let us wait for almost two years with the release of this album. But it was certainly worth the waiting, for this album being full of great songs. The album contains mainly the singles released in 97/98 and some new songs. There is great variety between the different songs and most of them are really good.
Like the album Today Is Another Day, this album also contains 3 of my favorite songs: My Baby Grand, Atarashii Door and Ikimo Dekinai. This album might be even better though, for there are some remarkable new songs added. I Feel Fine, Yeah for example. I didn't notice this song though until some fans picked this song as their favorite in the support section. Or take Photograph, it is such a relaxing slow song, very beautifully sung by Izumi Sakai (do I need to say that?). Shoujyo no Koroni Motta Mitaini, not a new song though but released as a c/w song before, is another great song. I personally like this song better than the accompanied single song Unmeino Roulette Mawashite.
There is one song which I really miss in this album and that is the song Love is Gone. It was the c/w song of the single My Baby Grand and I still don't understand why this song isn't included in this album. It would make this album even better than it already is.