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~ Request Memorial ~
15 September 1999

Don't You See! listen | lyrics
Anata wo Kanjiteitai listen | lyrics
Iki Mo Dekinai listen | lyrics
Kimini Aitaku Nattara... listen | lyrics
Ano Hohoemio Wasurenaide listen | lyrics
Oh My Love listen | lyrics
Sayonarawa Imamo Kono Muneni Imasu listen | lyrics
My Baby Grand ~ Nukumoriga Hoshikute ~ listen | lyrics
Forever You listen | lyrics
Totsuzen listen | lyrics
Tooi Hino Nostalgia listen | lyrics
Ameni Nurete listen | lyrics
I Still Remember listen | lyrics
MIND GAMES listen | lyrics
11th album

This is their second best album following after the huge success of Zard Best the Single Collection. Zard fans selected these 14 tracks by submitting request forms, hence the name Request Memorial. And I must say this is a very good way to make a best album, for I agree with the selection of most of the songs.
In comparison with their first best album, this album has a broader diversity of songs. Their first album contained mostly songs from their earlier period (93/94). This album, on the contrary, has songs taken from almost every period, ranging from Tooi Hino Nostalgia (1992) to MIND GAMES (1999).
As for the songs I can make it very short, they are one by one masterpieces; this album is a must have for everyone.
However, there is one thing that bothers me. It applies to this album as well ass their previous best album. I am talking about the pressing unit system. This album, for example, has three different pressing units. The first version comes with a Calendar as a bonus, the second one has a Memorial video and the third one has a mini-cd. But I, being a Zard fan, want to collect all these items of course and I don't think it is an option to buy all the three different pressing units. At least, I don't think that's the intention of Zard. I just don't get that whole pressing system. Why not make just one pressing unit? Or even beter, put all the pressing units together ^_^