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  I've used the following resources to make my Zard page:

Homepage tools

  • Arachnophilia: HTML editor
  • Adobe Photoshop: Image editor
  • Paint Shop Pro: Image editor
  • URLcook: For decoding form mails
  • WS_FTP Pro: For uploading files
  • English Dictionary ^_^

    Web hosting & Services

  • Tripod: For hosting this Zard page
  • MyCGIserver: For hosting the Zard Forum
  • Idrive: For hosting the multimedia files
  • Jim Breen: Translating Japanese
  • Echo Web: For managing form mails
  • url redirecting
  • Hotmail: Email service

    Audio & Video tools

  • Real Producer / Real Jukebox: For making the real audio songs
  • Sound Forge: For editing audio files
  • VCD Gear: For ripping vcd's
  • Womble MPEG Editor: For editing mpeg files