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Single Track List
Promised You
The only truth I know is you
Promised You (instrumental)
Words by Izumi Sakai
Composed by  Seiichirou Kuribayashi [1]
  Akihito Tokunaga [2]
Arranged by  Cybersound [1]
  Akihito Tokunaga [2]
Released: 15 Nov 2000

Single Facts & Stuff
First on air back in April 2000 as the ending theme song for 'Doyou WAIDO Gekijou' (a Japanese TV show), the song 'Promised You' finaly made it into a single release accompanied with the c/w song 'The only truth I know is you'.

Highest Oricon ranking: 6
Number of weeks in Oricon: 3
Sales: ?

Promo video:
  Mega Hits top 30
  PV (Courtesy of Tisper's ZARD HP) new!
  mp3 sample (Courtesy of World Wide ZARD)
  Promised You CM (Courtesy of Kazuya's HP)
  Promised You (courtesy of Ryuichi) new!
  The only truth I know is you new!