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New original album Toki no Tsubasa now on sale.
  15 April 2001
 ZARD the BEST has moved
The new ZARD the BEST site has moved to This site here will still be available in its current state, but won't be updated anymore.

23 February 2001
 ZARD the BEST is moving
A new ZARD the BEST is coming and it is located at I've been working on it the past few weeks but it still isn't finished yet. I did find out that it is hardly impossible to keep working on that new site and at the same time updating this one here. So I think I will open it very soon, ready or not.

10 February 2001
 10th Anniversary officially open, Music Freak Magazine
10th anniversary website At midnight Japanese time, ZARD opened the door to their special anniversary website. Once inside you will see a navigation menu on the right with clear descriptions of the several sections in the site. I suggest you go have a look at the website yourself, but be sure to visit the album songs introduction here, where you can already sample 3 songs from the album: Get U're Dream, Madono sotowa Monochrome and Makenaide remix version.
 ZARD (you can also say Izumi Sakai) is on the front cover of Music Freak Magazine. This February issue of the magazine has a 6 page special on ZARD's upcoming new album. Go to Music Freak's website to see a picture of the album (you need to scroll down a bit). Now all I need to do is grab this magazine somewhere. *sigh*

6 February 2001
 Izumi Sakai's birthday message, Tokino Tsubasa mp3 sample
Izumi Sakai is celebrating her birthday today and everyone can write a personal message to her. At the I-mode site of you can write your message and it will then be posted in her birthday BBS (although with a few hours delay). You have till February 9th the time to do this, so be quick and don't miss this chance. To start writing your message, go here; they are asking successively for your message to Izumi Sakai, name and e-mail address. After submitting your message you can view all the birthday greetings here. I'm no. 78. ^_^
Additionally, at Zard's normal anniversary website you can write another birthday message; the purpose of it is not clear yet, but I think the messages collected from there will be used for the official opening of the website at February 10th. So, to be on the safe side, I suggest writing your birthday message in twofold (one for I-mode, one for normal website), whether or not different from each other. The things you need to fill in are (from top to bottom): name, name in Japanese, e-mail, postal code, address, gender, date of birth (y/m/d) and your message to Izumi Sakai.

 Zard Fan Room has put up a sample version of the song Tokino Tsubasa. The quality of the sample is excellent, but too bad it last for only 30 seconds. Visit Zard Fan Room or click here for a direct download (469KB).

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What was Zard's best song of year 2000?
Get U're Dream
Promised You
The only truth I know is you
Tokino Tsubasa
Mado no sotowa monochrome


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