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c/w Stray Love
  Music by: Tetsuro Oda
Music by: Daria Kawashima
Released: 27 January 1993
  listen / lyrics
listen / lyrics
  6th single
Reviewed by Mike Song   Rating: 5 Stars
This is Zard's best song, period. It sounds really great. It's light hearted and easy to listen to. If you haven't heard much of Zard's work yet, try to find this song. It will make you want more. The lyric alone are beautiful but the way they're sung, makes it even better. Even my friend who totally hates j-pop thinks this song is the stuff, and he doesn't even know what she's saying. Also, it's very easy to memorize so singing along will be a snap. Izumi's magic is definitely in this song. You can't help but like this song a lot. I can't say anything more about. It's just that dang good.