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c/w Hypnosis
  Music by: Masaaki Watanuki
Music by: Okamoto
Released: 7 April 1999
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listen | lyrics
  28th single
I don't think this song is a typical Zard song, it is much different compared to her previous singles. You will hear a dominating background music through the whole song, even when Izumi Sakai is singing. I needed to get used to it and after listening to the song a few times over, I started to like it more and more. The c/w song, Hypnosis, is not bad either. It uses music much alike MIND GAMES.
Sekaiwa Kitto Mirai no Naka
no c/w song
  Music by: Yuuichirou Iwai
Released: 16 June 1999
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  29th single
This song has been used as the theme song of the japanese serie Maicosanwa Meitantei!.
Listening to this song for the first time, it immediately reminds me of their previous single, MIND GAMES. It uses a very dominating background music throughout the song, which was also the case in MIND GAMES. But I think this time it is slightly less good, I experienced the song as more repetitive; but it is still a good song, of course ^_^
Itai Kurai Kimiga Afurete Iruyo
no c/w song
  Music by: Kenji Shiojiri
Released: 14 October 1999
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  30th single
This song has been used as the Nescafe Moment commercial song.
The first time I got the chance to listen to this song was when Zard provided the sample of this song at their own Official Website. In that sample song you will get to hear the chorus part only and it is great. But I don't think that part gives a good overview of the song at all. Okay, the song has a nice intro, nice end and a great chorus, but they have used weird stuff in the rest of the song. I'm not quite sure what they have done exactly, but they have somehow changed Izumi Sakai's voice, computerized it or something like that. I think this song would have scored much higher without doing that stuff. Nevertheless, it is a good song, with a fantastic chorus part.

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