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Nemurenai Yoruwo Daite
c/w Dangerous Tonight
  Music by: Tetsuro Oda
Music by: Seiichiroh Kuribayashi
Released: 22 July 1992
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listen | lyrics
  4th single
With this single Zard had their first major break-through. Since then Zard have produced countless hit singles, but this song will always remain something special. Not only because it is their first hit single, but also because it is a good, solid song. It has the characteristics that will apply to many of Zard's songs, namely great music combined with great vocal. That's probably the reason why we (Zard fans) like their songs so much.
In My Arms Tonight
c/w Ase no Nakade CRY
  Music by: Michiya Haruhata
Music by: Toshinari Matsukawa
Released: 9 September 1992
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  5th single
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c/w Stray Love
  Music by: Tetsuro Oda
Music by: Daria Kawashima
Released: 27 January 1993
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  6th single
This is a typical example of Zard at her best, great music combined with Izumi Sakai's great, enthusiastic vocal. This song is their first number one hit and also the best-selling Zard single ever with over a milion copies sold. What makes this song even more special is the fact that Makenaide is one of the few songs Zard has sung live on television, during a tv-show in 1993.
I think there is no exception, everyone who has listened to this song will get to love it.

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