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Today Is Another Day
8 July 1996

My Friend listen | lyrics
Kimi ga Ita Kara listen | lyrics
Sayonara wa Imamo Kono Muneni Imasu listen | lyrics
LOVE ~Nemurezuni Kimi no Yokogao Zutto Miteita~ listen | lyrics
DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku listen | lyrics
Nemuri listen | lyrics
Kokoro wo Hiraite listen | lyrics
Totsuzen listen | lyrics
Kyou Mo listen | lyrics
Today Is Another Day listen | lyrics
Aiga Mienai listen | lyrics
Mitsumete Itaine listen | lyrics
7th album

This is a truly amazing album. It has three of my all time favorite songs: My Friend, DANDAN Kokoro Hikareteku and Kokoro wo Hiraite. I don't think these songs need more introduction. You should know them when you have watched anime series like Dragon Ball (DANDAN) or Slam Dunk (My Friend). Kokoro wo Hiraite wasn't an anime theme song though, but a very popular commercial song for Pocari Sweat.
Of course, the album doesn't consist of these three songs only. Sayonara wa... and Aiga Mienai, both single songs, are no doubt great songs. Today Is Another Day is another popular anime theme song (there are many of them in this album), but I don't remember which one. Put this together with Zard versions of two popular Field of View songs, Kimi ga Ita kara and Totsuzen, Barbier's Love and we have a whole bunch of amazing songs. The lyrics for Field of View's songs and also Barbier's Love are written by our Izumi Sakai so it is not very surprising to see them added to this album. I actually like them better than the original ones, but that's why I'm a Zard fan.
Nemuri, also released as a c/w song, is composed by Izumi Sakai herself. It is a very relaxing song, I like it very much. There seems to be a complete history behind the song Mitsumete Itaine. Check that story at this site: click here. It's kind of a sad story, but it is a nice gesture of Izumi Sakai towards her fans. Thanks for Helena Yan for providing this information. I have also put up the whole song for you to listen to, don't think it would be respectful to cut into this one.
Well, with so many great songs to enjoy in one album, this is certainly one of my favorites.