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ZARD Cruising & Live
26 January 2000

Yureru Omoi listen | lyrics
Kimiga Inai listen | lyrics
Kokoro wo Hiraite listen | lyrics
Don't You See! listen | lyrics
Sekaiwa Kitto Mirai no Naka listen | lyrics
Photograph listen | lyrics
Mou Sukoshi Ato Sukoshi... listen | lyrics
Nemurenai Yoru wo Daite listen | lyrics
My Baby Grand ~ Nukumoriga Hoshikute ~ listen | lyrics
In My Arms Tonight listen | lyrics
Ano Hohoemi wo Wasurenaide listen | lyrics
Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo listen | lyrics
Tooi Hoshi wo Kazoete [encore] listen | lyrics
Makenaide [encore] listen | lyrics
12th album

The first thing you will notice is that the songs sound completely different than what you are used to. With heavier drumbeats and guitarplay, and a excited audience it really gives you a "live" feeling. The opening with Yureru Omoi is amazing, with the crowd going crazy when they actually got to see Zard appearing from behind a wall. Zard didn't take a break after this song and immediately continued with Kimi ga inai. It was after this song when Izumi Sakai spoke to her audience for the first time, with the words: "Konnichi wa", which caused the crowd going crazy for the second time. She continued with her speech when it was silent again, but I couldn't understand a single word of it. The concert basically consists of songs alternated with some speeches of Izumi Sakai. A remarkable thing is that some of the songs has been enhanced a bit, for example: Kokoro wo Hiraite has been shortened to give it even more pace, Nemurenai Yoru Daite has been given an extra cool intro, and My Baby Grand has some additional lyrics at the end. After Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo, which was supposed to be the last song, the fans keep wanting for an encore and Zard of course didn't disappoint their fans. The first encore song Tooi Hoshi wo Kazoete is beautifully performed by Izumi Sakai as you can see in the bonus cd-rom and VHS-tape. It really gives an extra dimension to the song. As for the last song Makenaide, it seems that Zard has saved the best for the last. With fantastic music and Izumi Sakai's enthusiastic vocal everyone was singing along with the song, especially after Izumi Sakai's call for: "ima isho ni!" [and now together!].
I thought this album was a good replacement for not being able to attend Zard's live concert. But how wrong was I. After listening to this album, it made me regret even more, for not standing there among hundreds of other fans, cheering together for Zard, admiring their live performance and shouting encore for hours at the end. It made me longing for another live concert, and I'm sure I will do everything to be there when this dream comes true.

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