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Yureru Omoi
10 July 1993

Yureru Omoi listen | lyrics
Season listen | lyrics
Kimi ga Inai (B-version) listen | lyrics
In My Arms Tonight listen | lyrics
Anata wo Suki Dakedo listen | lyrics
Makenaide listen | lyrics
Listen to Me listen | lyrics
You and Me (and...) listen | lyrics
I Want You listen | lyrics
Futari no Natsu listen | lyrics
4th album

If I'm correct (I'm pretty sure though), this was the best selling album in Japan in 1993. The reason for it isn't too difficult to come up with. The album contains a good mix of songs and all of them are of very high quality, there is no particularly bad song (are there any bad Zard songs in the first place?). And of course, with Makenaide included in the album it must sell well, no doubt about it. But the album has also other great songs, Yureru Omoi for example. It is perhaps the second most famous song of Zard. Or take Kimi ga Inai. It is not exactly the same one as the single version. This time the song has been performed with a much lower tone and it sounds even better to me now.
With just four single songs the album has also a fair amount of new songs. Anata wo Suki Dakedo and Listen to Me are two very cheerful songs whereas song 8, 9 and 10 are more serious. I personally like Futari no Natsu very much. It is such a dramatic song and Izumi Sakai performs it outstandingly.
Having said this all, I think this album rates as one of the best Zard albums ever.