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  Music Freak 21 April 2000
 Music Freak magazine
Everyone has probably heard of Music Freak magazine before. It's a magazine where you can always find information about Zard, like reviews of Zard singles/albums, interviews, news, etc. Of course the magazine is hard to get (as far as I know it is only sold in Japan), but here is the chance to actually see it yourself thanks to this site. The picture to the right is taken from the cover of the April 1997 issue. Once again, thanks to the webmaster of this site for the great scans. Go to his site for more scans, click here.

10 April 2000
 Zard mpeg's, new site url, new wallpaper
It is a fact that Zard haven't made many tv appearances except for a few ones in the past. For the fans who haven't seen those appearances you can now download them at this cool site. They are in mpeg- format, so quality is assured. There you can even find some mtv's of Zard songs.
 I have a new url for my Zard page. It is in fact an url redirection; my host will be the same but the new url is shorter and easier to remember. So bookmark this new url:
 Additionally I have made a wallpaper this weekend, it has the "Eien" album as theme and the song "Eien" in particular. Check it out here.