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  26 January 2000
 Zard Cruising & Live Album, new poll and wallpaper
Today isn't another day, it is a big day! It is namely the official release day of Zard's first live album. The album consists of a cd with 14 tracks sang during the concert and a cd-rom with video-clips taken from the concert. The production of this album is limited to 300,000 units only, so be quick (if you are smart you should have preordered it).
 As you can see I have made a new poll. The old poll's result was very clear, 90% would buy the live album immediately when it comes out. As for the new poll, everyone probably know that Zard has the habit of releasing one album a year. But last year was an exception with the release of all in all 3 albums, although two of them were best albums. It would be interesting to know how big a Zard fan you are.
 Additionally, I have made a couple of desktop wallpapers, it's in the wallpaper section. Hope you like them.

25 January 2000
 Zard new song and lyrics-book
On Zard's official homepage we can read that Zard's new song Mado no Soto wa Monochrome is set to be their 32nd single. The song is used as the ending theme for a some kind of Japanese program. However, the release date is not yet decided.
 Furthermore, Zard will release a book which contains many of Izumi Sakai's work (read lyrics). The book's title is Yureru Omoi and will be released on 6 February. I'm sure this is one of those collector items along with their Live Album. Talking about the Live Album which will be released tomorrow, the folks over at the official homepage haven't posted the album's cover yet, a little strange. They sure can keep it secret ^_^

15 January 2000
 Zard interview
It's a little quiet around Zard lately; it's like a calm before the storm, a few days before the release of the live album. I did find something interesting though, it's an interview with Izumi Sakai translated into English. In the interview she talks about the Eien album and how she gets inspirations for new songs. Click here for the interview. The translation is done by Ryuichi and his site has also a vast amount of Jpop lyrics translations including Zard's!

6 January 2000
 Zard new album in May, Zard 1999 review
From a reliable source I have heard that Zard will release a new album in May. Nothing official yet, though; I will keep you posted when more details are published.
 Zard Hold Me has made a very interesting review of Zard in 1999. You will get to read that the album ZARD BEST The Single Collection has become last year's second best selling album. Congrats and well, go to Zard Hold Me to read more (Chinese).
 Finally got the first fan support entry, submitted by Lam Tieu-Man. Go to Fan Support to see what he has to say.