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  21 September 2000
 Promised You official release date: 15 November 2000
Promised You (words by Izumi Sakai, composed by Seiichiroh Kuribayashi) which was featured as an ending theme for a Japanese TV show since 1 april will be finally released as a maxi single on November 15th. Visit Zard's official website for more details.
I have put up the Promised You sample again, which was found at World Wide ZARD a few months back, to refresh our memories. Click here for the sample.

18 September 2000
 Get U're Dream wallpaper, new Zard links
Just found a wallpaper for Get U're Dream at this site: Z-site. I'm currently using it as my own desktop wallpaper and it looks splendid. Click here for the wallpaper. The Z-site has a large collection of other Zard wallpapers as well, certainly worth visiting.
 Updated the links page where I had to remove some links which were broken but also added links to new discovered Zard pages.

14 September 2000
 Get U're Dream ranked 4th place, ZARD mailing list
With approximately 120,000 copies sold of Get U're Dream, it ranked 4th place in the prestigious Oricon chart, first week. Click here for the complete chart.
 Want to receive daily news about ZARD? Just join this newly founded ZARD mailing list initiated by Yick Chee. Everyone can join, so don't waste any time, click here to subscribe to the mailing list.

10 September 2000
 Get U're Dream lyrics translations, search box, new booth topics
Ryuichi of J-Pop Music Station has just finished the translation for Get U're Dream. He hasn't posted it yet on his site though, but instead send me a copy of the translation. Now you can find the translation here. Many thanks to Riuichi for his quick job.
 As you have probably noticed, I have added a small search box for this site on the right. With the add of that you can easily find pages located in ZARD the BEST. Just type in some words and it will give you a list of pages that match your search, have a try.
 Added two new topics in the voting booth section. And don't forget, vote for Zard in the other booths.

6 September 2000
 Get U're Dream and My Friend now on sale, Get U're Dream mpeg
My Friend They have kept us waiting for a long time, but finaly there is the new single Get U're Dream. And as an added bonus My Friend poetry selection is released at the same time, isn't that wonderful. I've made a feature page for the new single where you can find all the information about Get U're Dream. Just go to the singles section and click on Get U're Dream. The feature page will be updated whenever I find more information about the new single, so keep an eye on it.
 Also check out the multimedia section, because you will find there two new files for download: Get U're Dream PV and music video of In my arms tonight, both in mpeg format! Many thanks to Oshima who uploaded the Get U're Dream PV.

2 September 2000
 My Friend 6 September on sale, Voting booth results
Poetry selection My Friend will be released at the same time as the maxi single Get U're Dream (Source: ZARD's Official Website). Including My Friend we now have in total three poetry booklets:

  • Yureru Omoi (60p, 1.200) Release date: 6 February 2000
  • Makenaide (72p, 1.200) Release date: 19 June 2000
  • My Friend (72p, 1.200) Release date: 6 September 2000
     The monthly voting results are here. My Friend came out as the favorite song, closely followed by Don't You See! and Season. In the other categories we have Eien as favorite album and Tetsuro Oda as favorite composer. Let's see if there will be any changes in the rankings next month.