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  28 January 2001
 Don't U See!
Finally found a picture of the 12 inch analog record single of Don't You See!, aka Don't U See!. This analog single has been mentioned for a long time now in the news section of Zard's official website, but I haven't been able to find a decent picture of it until now (thanks goes to Chris Chan). I don't know much about this special single, except that it is a some kind of remix of the original Don't You See!. You can click on the picture to the right to see a larger version of the single.

22 January 2001
 ZARD 10th anniversary website
ZARD is going to open a special website to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The website will not be open for public until 10 February, but you can already see an intro of that webite: I don't know what to expect from the website, but I'm sure it is going to be great!
Additionally, Zard's official website has been updated with a confirmation of the track list along with a new picture! ^_^

17 January 2001
 Tokino Tsubasa track list revealed, Piano Score
No need to speculate anymore on the track list of Zard's 10th anniversary album, ZARD Fan Room has provided us this hot information:
Tokino Tsubasa album cover
Click to enlarge
Get U're Dream
Kono Namida Hoshini nare
Promised You (with P-edition)
Itai Kurai Kimiga Afurete Iruyo
Madono Sotowa Monochrome
Ashita moshi Kimiga Kowaretemo
Sekaiwa Kitto Mirai no naka (another style 21)
Yureru Omoi (Gomi's New York remix)
Makenaide (Gomi's 10th Anniversary special mix)
Tokino Tsubasa
And from J-Rock Magazine's website we can read that the "Piano and vocal Score" for Tokino Tsubasa will be released at the same time as the album, that is: 15 February. The price is also stated: 1,890, but unfortunately no picture of the score is provided yet. Share your thoughts on the album in the forum.

14 January 2001
 Album title: Tokino Tsubasa, new videos, WEZARD
Zard's upcoming new album finally has a name: Tokino Tsubasa (Wings of time). The song Tokino Tsubasa itself has been used as a CM song for NTT, and you can still download that CM at their website if you haven't got it already.
 2 New videos are up now, uploaded to Freedrive as the most of you wanted it to be, but ironically Freedrive isn't working properly at the moment I'm writing this. So, you might not be able to download them now, the only solution is: patience. The preview is still working though, check them out in the multimedia section. In addition I have re-uploaded "Sekaiwa... live" to Freedrive, people seems to have problem with extracting this video.
 For the people who wants to join Zard's official fanclub WEZARD, it might be good to have a look in the forum. There it is explained step-by-step what you have to do, in order to be a WEZARD member. I can assure you it is really working, since I got their reply a few days ago. ^_^

7 January 2001
 ZARD video
I recently changed the servers where I was uploading the Zard videos to, from Filepool to Freedrive, because I thought the latter was faster to download from. After the change I received several e-mails from people telling me they have problems with downloading from Freedrive. Once I explained they need to have a Freedrive account themselves before they can download from there, the problems disappeared like snow for the sun. But because I'm plannning to upload another Zard video (maybe two) one of these days, I thought it might be better to ask the opinion of you guys first, where I should upload the video to. I have set up a poll in the ZARD Forum for this purpose. You can vote for Filepool or Freedrive, or you can post a message there if you know a better place for the video.