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  22 December 1999
 More live album news, new poll, Zard movie clip
Zard finally made it official by announcing the release of their live album at their Official Homepage. The release date is 26 January and as noted before, the album will include a cd-rom and a photo booklet. Unfortunately my Japanese is too poor to tell you what else they have to say, you can check the news at this page.
 I have changed the poll, you can now vote what you will do with the up-coming live album. The fans rated Zard's 31st single very positive, as the result of the old poll shows: 80% rated the single "great" or "good".
 The folks over at this page has once again put up a great movie clip for download. It is an almost 2 minute clip taken from Zard's cruise ship, so don't miss it. Go to this page to download it. Hereby I want to thank them for providing this great movie clip.

14 December 1999
 ZARD new album, new song and English version of Eien
In addition to the live album, Zard will include an 30 page photo booklet (taken during the concert, I guess), making this album even more interesting to have.
 As for Zard's new song, not much is known yet, but it will be on air in January. How lucky are the fans in Japan.
 I know there was an English version of Eien for a time now, but I haven't got the chance to listen to it, until now. Thanks goes to ZARD Hold Me for providing this song. It's completely sung in English, although it's a bit short. And it is also hard to hear what she is singing exactly, anyone who got the lyrics of it would be welcome. Well, if you haven't got the song yet, immediately go to ZARD Hold Me to download it, because it's a wonderful song.

7 December 1999
 ZARD new album
cruise ship
Zard's cruise ship
The live concert Zard held on a cruise ship in August couldn't be attended by many fans. Now Zard make up for this with the release of a live album in January (no exactly date yet). The album will contain one cd with 14 tracks recorded during the concert and one cd-rom with video footages of the concert.
However, the production of this album is limited to 300,000 units. Having the potential buyers in mind (their first best album sold 3 milion times), I think it will be very hard to get your hands on the live album.
The 14 tracks are:
1. Yureru Omoi
2. Kimiga Inai
3. Kokoro wo Hiraite
4. Don't You See!
5. Sekaiwa Kitto Mirai no Naka
6. Photograph
7. Mou Sukoshi Ato Sukoshi...
8. Nemurenai Yoru wo Daite
9. My Baby Grand ~ Nukumoriga Hoshikute ~
10. In My Arms Tonight
11. Ano Hohoemi wo Wasurenaide
12. Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo
13. Toui Hoshi wo Oshiete
14. Makenaide

Resource: Virtual Idols: Rhythm on the Web

6 December 1999
 Top selling chart
I have just come to this page and I thought it might be interesting for us Zard fans. It's an overview of the best-selling artist in the 90's and you will find Zard at the third place, just behind Mr. Children and B'z. This year's cd sales are not counted though and with the two Best albums in mind, I'm sure Zard have already surpassed Mr. Children in sales, with well over 20 milion cd's sold!

4 December 1999
 About the 31st single
31st Single It's always very exciting when Zard release a new single. The new single is called a Maxi-Single. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess it is maxi because of the cd's size. As you probably have noticed, the single's cover is nearly as big as the cover of a normal album. But I'm not sure of this all, maybe someone can make things clear for me.
It is weekend now and I can finally take the time to admire Zard's latest piece of work. And oh boy, is great ^_^ Well, go to the review section for more information.
One last thing, if you haven't seen the promotion commercial of this single yet, inmediately go to this site. You will regret it if you miss that one.

3 December 1999
 Site news
By now, everyone should have listened to Zard's latest single. You can take the poll to rate that single.

1 December 1999
 New Single
Official release date of Zard's 31st single, Kono Namida Hoshini Nare. You can listen to this song, just go to Zard's Official Homepage. See the archive section for more information about this single.

 Site news
Launch of this web-site. With this site I want to thank Zard for all their great songs. You will find here the latest news about Zard, reviews of Zard songs and albums, sample songs and many more.