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  18 July 2000
 New Maxi Single
The NHK's Olympic theme song will be released as a maxi single entitled Get U're Dream. This is announced at Zard's official website. The date of release will be 6 September.

14 July 2000
 Olympic Zard Games, new files for download, new reviews
Well, this is my last update from Holland, I'm leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow. I will try to keep updating from there, but I can't promise anything.
 The Japanese TV station NHK which will broadcast the Olympic Games in Sydney has chosen Zard to provide the theme song for it. This news is found at Zard Hold Me (thanks Miranda) and what follows is a translation of that news by Retsuya:
- The NHK sydney Olympics theme song has been finished by Zard, the demotape has been sent to NHK. This song is going to be played during this month's press conference and Izumi might even make an appearance there. This song has lyrics and music that would make people dance to the music, and with Izumi's voice, it will definitely help cheer for the Japanese athlets. The reason for picking Zard is because NHK wanted a group with certain reputation within the country and must have a great singer that will bring out the spirit of the Olympics. -
 I have added two multimedia files, both of them are from the Cruising & Live concert. Check them out here. In addition Mike Song has sent in some great reviews for the singles Makenaide, Don't You See!, Itai Kurai Kimiga Afurete Iruyo and for the Cruising & Live album. Many thanks!

12 July 2000
 New layout
As you have probably noticed, the new layout for my Zard page is finally ready. Most of the things in the old page are also included here in the new page and there are even some new sections added. The lyrics & translations section for example. Thanks goes to Ryuichi for allowing me to use his translations. He has translated tons of Zard songs and they are certainly an added value to any Zard page. Multimedia is another new section, there you will find Zard's music videos, TV appearances, theme songs etc. in multimedia formats like mpegs and realvideos. There are just four files to choose from now, but more will be added very soon.
Well, feel free to explore around and send in comments by using the guestbook (also new).

6 July 2000
 Single Don't You See! for sale
If you haven't got this single yet, this is your chance. Someone is selling it away at eBay Auction for just one dollar! There have been only one bidder so far, but there are just 6 days left. So be quick if you want to buy it. Of course the single is second-hand, but the seller has included two quality scans of the single, that's a nice proof that the single is in a good state. Follow this link to bid for the single, success!