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  25 June 2000
 Promised You, English Eien
Zard still hasn't released Promised You as a new single, or even announced when that will happen. So we are dependent on other goodwilling Zard fans, who took the time to record the song from the serie in which it features as a theme song, to get a feeling how this song sounds. World Wide ZARD has uploaded a sample of the song; this time the quality of the recording is very good. I am really starting to like this song ^_^
 In the new Zard Forum Kim has started a interesting topic. It's about the lyrics for the English version of Eien. We are now trying to make the lyrics complete for that song. It's a hard job, so everyone's aid is welcome here.

20 June 2000
Makenaide  Makenaide booklet (continued), new poll
Found a picture of the Makenaide booklet. I found it at J-Rock magazine's website, just like the first one Yureru Omoi. This time it has a nice green color and a new picture on the cover. Click on the picture to enlarge.
 In addition there is new topic for you to vote for (almost forgot I have a poll on my page). Last poll's result showed that there are quite a lot of Tetsuro fans among Zard fans. But the majority of the voters appreciated the greater diversity of composers.

16 June 2000
 Makenaide booklet
Izumi Sakai's second Poetry Selection entitled "Makenaide" will be released on 19 June. This is announced at their official homepage (finally an update, although a small one). There is no chance I can buy that booklet, so if anyone can e-mail me the picture of it I will be very happy ^_^

1 June 2000
 Crazy Zard fans in Korea
Yea, there are some really crazy fans there in Korea, judging from this page. They have everything for you to download, ranging from mp3's to mpeg files. I'm sure there are some copyright problems (I told you they were crazy ^_^), but I couldn't withhold this page for the Zard fans. Pay special attention to the showreel video's (all three of them), they are huge!
Thanks goes to "Crono" who posted this information to the new forum.