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  24 October 2000
 Promised You c/w song and new album
33rd single ZARD's official website is updated with additional details about the track list of their upcoming new Maxi single:
1. Promised You
 (music: Seiichiroh Kuribayashi, arrangement: Cybersound)
2. The only truth I know is you (c/w)
 (music & arrangement: Akihito Tokunaga)
As you can see, the c/w song is yet another new ZARD song. With two new songs in a very short period you can almost feel the new album is on its way. And according to various ZARD fan sites a new album will indeed be released on the 13th December this year. More details when available.

17 October 2000
 ZARD new song, CM download
Out from nowhere there is a new ZARD song entitled Toki no Tsubasa. Their official website has uploaded a sample of the song, but strangely there is no announcement on their news section. Click here to hear the sample or check out ZARD's another tracks. The song, composed by Aika Ohno, is used as a CM song (of course ^_^) for NTT (don't ask me what that is).
Thanks to ZARDenta! for providing this information.
Found some more information about NTT and the CM. NTT is a company in Japan which provides internet connection via ISDN. They have some information about ZARD on their website (click here) and also the CM available for downloading (click here) featuring ZARD's new song: Toki no Tsubasa.

10 October 2000
 ZARD participate in Red & White Song Contest?
The annual Red & White Song Contest TV show broadcasted by NHK seems to have ZARD high on their list of possible contestants. Although ZARD haven't participated in any of these shows in the past, it does make sense to invite ZARD. Get U're Dream was NHK's theme song for the Olympics in Sydney and the song is doing particularly well with sales well over 500,000 units. Click here for the article in Japanese (Source: Sponichi Annex).
For the people who are unfamiliar with the show, you can read more what the show is all about here (in English).

6 October 2000
 Get U're Dream review, Cruising & Live transcript
Finally added my review of Get U're Dream. I wanted to wait until I really got my hands on this single, but that took too long. My cousin in HK promised me to get this single; so H.Y. (my cousin), if you are reading this: I want Get U're Dream now ^_^ Click here for the review.
 Rankine has sent me a transcript for the Izumi Sakai talks during the Cruising & Live concert. He has done a great job by writing down both the romanization and translation of it. But you will notice that even he couldn't translate the whole thing. So, anyone who thinks he/she can complete the transcript, please mail me at Here is Rankine's transcript.

4 October 2000
 ZARD Posters, new poll
I Found some cool posters of ZARD which I haven't seen before. I didn't know that they even exist. Head over to this site to see them. There are four different posters: Don't You See!, Take me to your Dream, Kimini Aitaku Nattara... and a Memorial Best Day poster. Unfortunately they are all sold out, though they aren't cheap at all. You can even buy a whole new single at the same price!
 In case you haven't noticed, the poll has been updated. Let's see how many singles we ZARD fans buy ^_^