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  30 March 2000
 New site section, new poll
I really thought there would be a new single released this month; we had the single song "Mado no Soto wa Monochrome" (announced 2 months ago!) and we even had a c/w song, "Promised You". But too bad, still no official release date announced. I guess we have to be a bit more patient.
 I have done some little research and figured out all the people behind the singles. It is quite interesting, did you know, for example, that Izumi Sakai has composed another song before "Nemuri". Well, check it out here, located in the singles section. In addition I have made a new poll with reference to that subject.

26 March 2000
 Midis (continued)
As promised, here are some more midis I have made in the meantime. They are Makenaide, My Friend and Yureru Omoi. I made these midis with "NoteWorthy Composer", a very neat music program. It allows you to create and play back musical scores. You will need Zard's "Official piano score" though if you haven't got much musical talents (like me), or you can try to "compose" your own Zard song. It took me some time to make one midi, but the result is well worth it. You can download "NoteWorthy Composer" at their homepage.

17 March 2000
 Yureru Omoi
Yureru Omoi This is just a quick update. I have found a picture of the "Yureru Omoi" booklet that was released on 6 February. Click here to enlarge the picture. Picture found at J-Rock magazine's homepage.

14 March 2000
 New ZARD song, ZARD midi
ZARD has announced their new song "Promised You" at their own official website. The song will be featured as an ending theme and will be first on air on 1 April.
 Recently I have been able to make my own midi-files (without using a keyboard). I immediately made one for my favorite Zard song "Kokoro wo hiraite" and it's pretty good ^_^ Well, judge for yourself, just follow this link to download it. I will tell you more about how I did it with my next update and maybe I have even more midis by then.